Performance Team

Our Performance Team trains together several times a month and loves to provide entertainment at both private & public events, including professional shows, festivals, churches, schools, weddings and for TV stations. Its members learn the values of teamwork and stage presence. For those dancers who are shy, performing helps them work past their insecurities and practice being in front of a crowd while doing something they enjoy. And for those who love the stage, it gives them a chance to shine!


To hire us for your event please contact our event coordinator at

Performance cost is dependent on quality and length of show. Based on a 30 min performance, the costs are as follows:


Student Performance $50

Pre Professional Performance $150

Professional & Champ Performance $350

However, we understand when some organizations providing for the community don't have the money set aside for things like entertainment. In this case, please contact us directly. Often times PR can be a perfect trade!

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Sara Busti, TCRG

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